Aug 29, 2020

Saturday August 29th ~

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal...

With all the commotion going on so early here at
 home, Sniff is not too happy.  Like his dada he loves 
his morning sleep.  Today he did not get it all, but 
he's back in bed so all's good in his world πŸ’€.

It's not like I want to be awake this early, I just have
 not been able to sleep that well lately.  I guess there is a 
lot going on in my head πŸ˜”, and I'm not sure of it all.

This time for some reason I think we are running into
 the eye of the storm.  Yes, another move for us.  
Not permanent, but for how long...I don't know.  

Today Arvid leaves for Puerto Rico.  Tomorrow
 Sniff and I will be doing the same.  I am excited
 of course, but at the same time not sure if this is 
the right move or not.  We will soon find out.

There is quite a lot to do today.  I am already feeling 
a little homesick.  Though Puerto Rico is not the end of the 
world it seems so far away right now.  Feels like it will be 
a while before I see my mom, Nina, Mala and Rima, on the
 other hand, we will be seeing Nirvana and Kimsy 😍😍.

It's our last day here at home for a while.  I am looking 
forward to this new adventure, but I admit to also looking
 forward to the day we come back home.  For this will always
 be home.  For now, it's time to have some new experiences
 and see the world a little.  It's soon island time for us.

Hello new day.  Let's make it always amazing 😍

And then I realized that adventure was the best way to learn.
Great things never came from comfort zones...