Aug 26, 2020

Wednesday August 26th ~

Wednesday it's almost, sorta, kinda, 
close to, just, about nearly the weekend...

The big yachts that went inland in preparation
 for tropical storm Laura are slowly making
 their way back to their respective homes. 

 Arvid and I just look at the boats passing by, 
enjoying the view and saying to each other,
 "so happy we do not have a boat."  We did, 
a few times in our lives, but no more.

Our first boat together was named after the nickname Arvid 
gave me when we met.  To this day it still makes me smile.

Yesterday we didn't walk.  Arvid was busy running
 around doing other things, and by the afternoon is
 was just too hot to get out.  Instead we stayed in 
(again), and watched television (again).

The day is not packed with chores.  Not as of right 
now anyway.  Hopefully we will find something to keep 
us busy.  Otherwise the day stretches on forever.

Good morning everyone.  Be kind to yourselves.

Sometimes you just have to let life happen...