Aug 22, 2020

Saturday At Home ~

I can't wait for all of this to pass, so I can 
return to social distancing on my own terms...

The new norm is like living an adventure.  From day to
 day you never know what to expect.  But I am surely getting 
excited because I can finally catch a glimpse of the what's
 coming next.  COVID  cases are going down in Florida. 

For me this is a new high.  Means soon we can
 start living again.  Doing the things we want.  Yes,
 it's like an adventure.  Don't know what to
 expect, but always ready to deal with it.

  Latest is that restaurants in Broward County have 
extended their opening hours.  Instead of closing at 10 PM
 they will now be closing at 11 PM.  Sounds like a small deal,
 but everything is pointing to better days ahead.

I can feel the tide turning as the saying goes.  It will
 be nice to see family again, go to a restaurant.  Just
 go out sit and have a Pina Colada at our favorite 
Friday spot.  I can feel the excitement already.

Not much gong on today.  From the balcony we 
spotted a cleanup crew sucking up sewage from the canal.
Then another truck came to do the clean up.  Always something 
going on.  Yes, lately there has been lots of sewage seeping
 into the canals here in Fort Lauderdale.  The tide is high, 
and pipes are busted.  All's good in our world 😲

Saturday.  Hmmm what can we do?  Sit on the
 balcony.  Arvid has his last soccer game, Sniff and I 
will always find something to keep us busy.  Sniff will 
probably sleep for the next few hours.  But first he 
has to do his daily cleaning.  This takes some time.

As we prepare for another Tropical Storm, this time it's Laura,
 we are being kept entertained with all the boats seeking 😎
shelter inland.  Boat after boat is passing by.  Life is good.

Florida.  Life is always interesting.  Never a dull moment. 
 I love it and it's home.  I can't picture myself living anywhere else. 
 At one time I thought I would like to live again in California, but
 not any more.  This is where we are happiest.  This is home.  
No matter where we go, we always come back 🌴

Wishing everyone a great day and a happy weekend.
  For those in the path of Laura, take your precautions because
 you never know what can happen in the blink of an eye. It's 
better to err on the side of caution in theses situations.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity...