Aug 30, 2020

We're On Our Way ~August 30th

A new adventure is coming up 
and I'm sure it will be a good one...

Not so many years ago Brutus and I made our 
solo journey to Chicago where Arvid was waiting for us.
  At the time we had just moved into a new apartment
 in Chicago, and Arvid stayed back to set it up 
for our arrival.  It sure was a happy time.

Today Sniff and I will also make our solo journey 
to Puerto Rico.  Arvid is already there to make sure everything
 is ready for Sniff.  As I said to him, "the only way I'm coming
 is if I know Sniff has what he needs when we get there."

Sniff has been with us to Chicago and Branson.  He is
 a very good boy on the plane and everyone always tells
us how well behaved he is.  Yes, Sniff and I are on our
 way to Puerto Rico. And so begins a new adventure 🌎.

Everyday is the start of a new adventure, 
and I eagerly look forward to today...