Sep 27, 2021

Monday September 27th ~

 It’s the possibility of having a dream 
come true that makes life interesting...

Over the weekend we have tried some very
 delicious drinks.  We have tried a new restaurant, 
thanks to my sister Nirvana, Kimsy and J.  

The food was delicious, the drinks amazing, but 
best of all the company.  Could not have been better.  I
 am so very lucky to be able to spend time with my sister
 and Kimsy.  Occasionally J also when he's visiting.

A new week begins.  What it holds I do not know, but I
 am sure that it will be delicious.  The sun is shining and 
not that much rain in the prognosis.  At least as of today.

To all a good start of the week.  Enjoying some quiet 
time before Arvid wakes up.  Peaceful and just perfect.  

Making it even a better day, all of the kitties 
showed up today.  I was so happy to see Baby.  

This is a reminder to you to create your own 
rule book,  and live your life the way you want it...