Sep 17, 2021

We All Have It In Us....

A good person can make another person good;
 it means that goodness will elicit goodness in the 
society; other persons will also be good...

I don't know many people to whom this would apply, 
but the first person that comes to my mind is my dad.  I have
 said it once and I will never tire of saying it.  My dad is 
a special individual.  Unselfish and kind to the point
 where it is sometimes not to his advantage.

When we were younger, we lived for a few years with my
 grandmother while my parents sought a better life for us. 
 My mom would tell us that every time the ice-cream van
 passed my dad would gather all the little kids in the
 neighborhood and treat them to ice-cream  Once a week.  

She said they were missing us so much, they just 
felt good to be able to see these little kids happy
 while they worked on getting us with them.

I remember my parents did not have much when we 
were younger, but according to my dad there were many
 who were worse off than they were so when a friend of
 his told him what a beautiful watch he had my dad took it
 off his wrist and gave it to his friend, and the way 
he put it was, "he needed it more than I did." 

 I once remember he also gave another man the shirt 
off his back because the man liked it and had never seen 
any like that before. My mom was not always happy at this
 because they worked hard and saved for all the things 
they had and which at times my dad just gave
 to any stranger who was in need.

My dad has not changed much.  In North Carolina
 where they now live he goes to the dump daily.  

He always makes sure to take food and clothes to
 the man who works there because, "he looks like he
 can use it."  As he tells my mom, "Valerie it is as 
easy to cook for two as it is for three people."

My dad is unique, but it is my mom who is always 
by his side always standing by him and the one 
who loves him for all his "craziness"   If anyone 
deserves a medal, definitely it would be her.

I know I am a good person and I know that it
 is from watching my parents be kind to each other,
 and to everyone that crosses their paths.

We all have our own specialness within us.
  Sometimes it is only a matter of finding it.  I believe
 in love, children and being a good person. 

Nowadays, I could not care less about making
 other people like me. I'm a good person, 
I don't need to do that anymore...