Sep 8, 2021

Wednesday September 8th ~

 Give yourself time just to be with yourself...

Wednesday.  Already halfway through the week.  
Our week is not that busy, but today we do have a 
chore to do so that is always good.  Makes the
 day more interesting and time goes by fast.

I now go out every other morning to feed the kitties.
  That is, the ones that are still here.  Bandit no longer shows up,
and I know that the kitty that was poisoned last week was Bandit. 
 He was last seen and fed by me on Monday August 30th. 
 I still can't understand why someone is doing this.

   Seeing his little face in these pictures is breaking my heart.
A sad fact is that with life comes death. It will happen to all of us.
 But that doesn’t make dealing with or understanding it any easier.

Develop enough courage so that you can stand up 
for yourself and then stand up for somebody else...