Sep 24, 2021

Friday September 24th ~

 I find happiness in the simplest things...

Friday looms ahead.  What shall we do?  Catch up 
maybe on one of our series on Netflix?  Or if we are Sniff, 
then we catch up on more sleep.  Sniff has no worries, and
 that's exactly how it should be.  He's a very happy boy.

My niece Kimsy introduced us to a Korean series.
  So far it has not disappointed.  Even Arvid is watching. 

Today it's cocktail time on the balcony.  The last few months 
we have been spending most Friday  evenings at home on the 
balcony, watching the boats and enjoying adult beverages.

I went out this morning fed the kitties, but the dogs were
 out again.  Eventually all the kitties showed up except Baby. 
 She's terrified of the dogs.  Finally Milo came back out. 

 So happy was starting to have bad thoughts. 
 Hopefully I will see Baby tomorrow when I go
 back out in the morning.  I worry a lot about 
the kitties and their safety.  All the time.

Wishing everyone a great day and 
a happy start of the weekend.

When you can't control what is happening, 
challenge yourself to control the way you respond.  
That's where your power lies...