Sep 19, 2021

One Life... Live It

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to
 improve the world and a desire to enjoy the
 world. This makes it hard to plan the day...

All we have is this one life.  What we do with it is
 entirely up to us.  Let me tell you something, don't wait
 until it is too late to do the things you want. Don't wait 
until it's too late and then have to say, "I wish I had..."

Life is not always easy, at times it is just too difficult,
 and we wonder what the heck happened, but just think of the
 alternative of no longer being in this life.  Then you come 
to realize that it is not so bad after all  Life is actually really
 simple. but we sure insist on making it complicated.

May your days be filled with living.. and as my friend
 Liz said, "Love the life you live, and live it fearlessly."
Sniff Sniff.  He loved his home in Florida as well.

Life consists not in holding good cards
 but in playing those you hold well...