Apr 15, 2022

April 15th ~ Greetings from North Carolina

 Live for moments you can't put into words...

The next few days I plan to just relax and spend 
quality time with my parents, my sisters, Lilly and Riley.
  No calls hopefully from anyone at the hotel.  Arvid is there
 and he can manage to handle them all without me. 
 I am so looking forward to these days.

I haven't seen my parents since September of last year.  
Way too long if you ask me, but now I will definitely
make up for lost time.  Please do not call me.  I will
 not answer unless it is absolutely necessary 😂

A good day to all and see you soon.  Back home
 Arvid and Sniff are enjoying some quiet time.

The best things in life are the people
 we love, the places we've been, and the
 memories we've made along the way...