Apr 12, 2022

Tuesday April 12th ~

 The more you love yourself the
 less nonsense you will tolerate...

I woke up feeling good.  The few aches and
 pains will not dim my today.  Nor will the rain 😂

Every day we expect the unexpected at work, always
 hoping for the unexpected to be a "good" thing.  Many 
a times it sure is.   Having quiet days always feels strange-
 unexpected in the hotel business, but here at Almost Home
 it is usually the norm.  Let's hope it is always this way.

Sniff is home enjoying whatever sunshine he 
finds from many different spots.  He knows his favorite
 sunny places, and always makes sure he finds them and 
catches a little catnap in between. Happy boy he is.

The Branson Duck Tours are back in business.

Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, 
contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to 
improve your performance the next time...