Apr 3, 2022

Sunday ~

 Whatever good things we build will end up building us...

Today is supposed to be our relaxing day.  Sundays are
 suddenly one of my favorite days.  I don't mind going to
 work at Almost Home, but by the end of the week I
 really look forward to one day off.  Sundays.

Not totally caught up with all my home chores, but I will.
  Just finished filling the bird feeders.  That makes me happy 🐦,
 even when I have a lot of splinters all over me.  I know the birds, 
and  the squirrels will have enough food for the week ahead.

A hedgehog has been spotted trying to eat the
 food from the bird feeders.  He was too heavy 
so he didn't last too very long on the branch.

All things good to know are difficult to learn...