Apr 19, 2022

April 19th~ done maybe add one more picture

 Happiness is like Jam.  You can't spread even
 a little without getting some on yourself...

Those few days spent in North Carolina sure did 
me a lot of good.  Now it's time to get back to the 
daily routines of running a hotel.  Always good
 to be home, no matter where you go.

Sniff and Arvid are happy I'm back, and of course,
 I am happy to be back home.  I love every opportunity 
I have to go and see my parents.  This trip was planned before
 we had to take back the hotel.  Arvid and I were supposed
 to go together, but things happened, and we adjust.

Arvid was missed by everyone, but hopefully 
next time we will be able to go together.  I still
 don't feel ok to leave Almost Home without 
one of us there.  At least not for right now.

I'm grateful for every opportunity I have to be able to
 spend time with my parents and family.  I know I 
am fortunate, for many are not able to do this.

May each new day find us learning from 
the past, working towards the future, facing 
the sun.  Start each day with a grateful heart...