Apr 14, 2022

Thursday April 14th ~

 You can't control the past, but you
 can control where you go next...

I'm leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll 
be back again.  I do know when, but this sounds better. 

In just a few hours I leave, Branson MO making
 my way to see my family.  It's bene a long 
time and I am super excited right now.

My final destination is North Carolina, and I can't 
wait to see my parents.  They are probably already on 
their way to the airport to pick me up.  Knowing my mom,
 she is bringing me food to eat in the car.  Says in case 
I did not eat breakfast.  I just love them so much.

The most beautiful thing is to see your
 parents smiling and knowing that you
are the reason behind that smile...