Apr 13, 2022

Wednesday April 13th

  Live a life you will remember...

Some days I just can't seem to control where 
my thoughts will take me.  I have been having one
 of these days for a few days now.  Brutus, Shadow, 
my PR kitties.  A little of everything.  It happens. 

 Life is not perfect, but life is beautiful.  No matter
 how many sad times I have had, and will have again, 
I am grateful for each day that I wake up and get to
 spend it with Arvid, Sniff and my loved ones.

Just because we have some "off" days does not make
 us weak.  It makes us human.  I don't stick around
 to the not so good times for long, but I can't stop it 
from invading my thoughts every once in a while.

It's a new day.  Time to shine and sparkle.

Sometimes life is our battlefield.  We must do 
what we know to do, not what we want to do...