Jul 25, 2022

Monday July 25th~

A positive mindset brings positive things...

Everything I need is right here.  Arvid, Sniff and coffee 
to start my day.  Now I know it's going to be a very good
 start of the week.  Wish it's the same for everyone.

This week will be "cooler"  so excited about that. 
 Finally we will take a little break from temperatures soaring 
above 100F.  It's probably going to feel like winter again 😂
That's OK as long as it's not the "real" winter.  No bueno.

Here is to a successful week ahead.  Arvid and I 
continue looking for our winter place.  Florida of course. 
 It's not easy, but one thing for sure rent or own, we will 
definitely not be spending this winter in Missouri. 

 Our families keep asking us the same thing all the 
time "Have you gotten a place yet in Florida" Let's just 
say it's not for lack of trying.  Sooner or later, we will 
be Florida🌴 bound. No more winters for now.
The goal is to be back before winter begins.

 Live for each second without hesitation.
See you this winter.  That's a promise.

People are unhappy when they get something too easily.
 You have to sweat – that’s the only moral they know...