Jul 12, 2022

Tuesday July 12th~

 Everyday brings new choices...

Gerald the groundhog has gotten bolder by the day. 
 He now comes out every day for longer and longer periods.  
I watch him from above and he just stares right back.

He moves around the backyard, and comps away on whatever 
it is he finds.  I buy him carrots because I read somewhere that
 both chipmunks and groundhogs eat carrots and fruit.  Every
 so often he gets apples and grapes as well.  I think he's happy.

Waking up to a cloudy morning.  Maybe a little rain
 today, but that's only good because we need it.  Everything 
is getting dry, plus the deck can use a little washing 😂

Sniff get lot of time again with us, and we are all loving it.  
Wishing everyone a good day.  make it an amazing one.

Find the little things in everyday life that make you happy...