Jul 23, 2022

Saturday July 23rd ~

 You're not going to master the rest of your life in one day.
Just relax.  Master the day. Then just keep doing that every day...

What a day it was yesterday.  Finally the heat got the
 best of me.  Arvid and I had a little afternoon outing 
with a friend.  We went to our favorite Friday spot.

  Sat outside but after half an hour we had to go indoors.
 Was too hot.  Inside was even hotter.  The AC was down,
 and we were told that it will not be fixed for another six
 weeks.  After COVID everything takes a lot longer.

Our friend stayed just for a short time then took off 
said couldn’t take the heat.  Arvid and I stuck around for 
little more, then left. We had a little nibble and my favorite 
a Tropical Sangria.  Sangria reminds me of Puerto Rico.  
They have the best drinks.  Friday's in PR.. miss it.

Soccer is starting up soon again.  Soon Arvid's calendar 
will be filled with games to watch.  Like I always say,
 "Arvid knows how to keep himself busy."

The heat wave continues.  You just have to do the 
best you can to stay cool.  Sniff is master of staying cool.
  He is after all the coolest kitty in all of town 💙😂

Wishing everyone a good day and a great weekend.

Leave a trail of kindness everywhere you go...