Jul 9, 2022

Saturday July 9th ~

 Some days you just need to lie on the floor and call it meditation...

Just another day with not much to do.  Really liking it, 
well most of the time.  Other times, I a little restless wanting 
to do more.  I need to look for a job.  Maybe I can do some 
work in one of the many thrift stores here in Branson.

I spend a lot of my time taking pictures of Sniff.  He sees 
the camera and runs the other way.  Sooner or later I get him 😂

Arvid and I had our Friday outing.  Was hot, but was good. 
 Love these short but yet enjoyable outing we have.  Good
 drinks, always something to nibble on , and of course 
the water view always relaxes us.  Perfect times.

To all a good and happy day.  As the saying
 goes, do what makes your soul happy.

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.
 Remember when you're talking to the Man upstairs that
 just because He doesn't answer doesn't mean He doesn't care. 
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers...