Jul 19, 2022

Tuesday July 19th ~

 The most wasted of all days is one without laughter...

Gerald, the Groundhog. He's fat and wobbles
 when he moves.  This is big Gerald.  Senior.

Baby Gerald.  Junior.  They are both afraid of any 
sounds coming from me, but also baby Gerald is afraid of big
 Gerald.  Baby Gerald is "ours" but now big Gerald shows
 up and eats all his carrots, apples and bananas. 

Our back yard is a wildlife haven.  I'm not crazy with all 
the wildlife there, but I do like our Gerald.  He usually just 
sits on the ledge of the concrete and suns.  I'm sure 
there are holes everywhere, and that's not good.  

Yesterday afternoon our Bluebird decided to get a suntan.

At first I thought she was dead, but as soon as I clicked 
the camera she flew away, but not before I got the picture.

Another  warm day in store here in Branson, Missouri.

You can't get much done in life if you only
 work on the days when you feel good...