Feb 2, 2024

Friday February 2nd~

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone...

Based on Sniff's pose you might say that it's been 
a long week.  Time for his morning nap on his heating
 bed.  The heat is on a lower setting than usual, but still
 nice and toasty.  He loves this in the mornings 🐾

The cooler weather brings out even more
 beautiful days.  The sunshine not only warms 
the body up, but it also warms the soul.

Ran around doing a few things with Arvid yesterday.  Went 
to the Whole Foods store Arvid wanted to go with me😭 It was
 a fast in and out this time.  I enjoy browsing around the Whole Foods
 store, not so much Arvid.  So many goodies to choose from,
 but with him you goin, get what you want and leave😂

Arvid said my mom has been indirectly hinting to him 
that he need a haircut.  I have also been telling him the same, 
but it seems like my mom's hinting did the "trick"  Arvid
 did give in and had a haircut.  Of course he always
 says the hairdresser cut it too short. Arvid is Arvid.

One year ago today Harriet disappeared.  Because of
 her I began to take an interest in the eagles.  She and M15 
were on the news everyday.  Her disappearance is still 
a mystery to all.  No trace was ever found. 

A good day to all.  Loving life in The Sunshine State.  

The day will be what you make it, 
so rise, like the sun, and burn...