Feb 26, 2024

Monday February 26th~

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong,
 and start being excited about what could go right...

 Starting the new week feeling much better.  I am still
 about 50% hoarse, but as far as I am concerned, much better 
than 100% hoarse 😂  I have some of my voice again.  Yay! 
 Can finally talk to my mom and sisters again.  It's been
 sixteen days now, to to get back to "normal"

Not much planned for the day just to take it easy and feel better.
  Knowing Arvid he won't be able to sit still for too long.

Wishing everyone a productive and happy week ahead.
We begin the new week on a chilly note, at least for Floridians it's chilly.

Yesterday was a good day for Arvid.  His favorite soccer team, 
Liverpool won the Carabao Cup.  Liverpool hopes to win a few more
 cups before the season is over.  Would sure make Arvid's day.

You have to be where you
 are to get where you need to go...