Feb 11, 2024

Sunday February 10th~

It's the memories we make with others
 that are forever written in our hearts...  

 We have had a little over five weeks with my parents.
  All of it was good. Arvid got to meet some of the extended 
family at my uncles 93rd birthday.  He was not a 100% willing 
participant, but his role was mainly that of a driver.  He 
surely did not disappoint. I'm missing them so much.
  Especially my mom. We did something everyday.

My parents had a little gathering at their Airbnb.  My 
mom's brother and girlfriend were there as well.  A very
 good time for all.  Food was good company as well

 We also had another family gathering in Tampa at Nina’s
 and David’s home. That Arvid was good with that because
 instead of 100 people we were just 10 of us.  Once again Arvid
 was the designated driver in the big 7 seater we rented. He 
sure enjoyed driving the car.  He loved Nina’s roast beef 
and made sure I got her recipe 😲 before we left.

I finally gave in and went to the doctor on Friday.
 Ruling out pneumonia. I am just tired and hurting all 
over. I know in a few days all will be good again, but the 
cough is sure getting the best of me.  I have completely
 lost my voice.  As in no sounds coming out.

We said goodbye to mom and dad yesterday. 
It’s always sad to see them go, but they looked so
 happy to be going back to their home. Made me feel a 
little less sad, plus we had a very good time all of us.

While Arvid attended his meeting on Friday,
 and I must say he did look handsome. I told him 
he looked beautiful, he still won’t let me take his
 picture. As usual I mostly get from behind.

Anyway, while Arvid was doing what he loves, mom, 
dad and I were having our last outing for this visit.  It was
 relaxing, fun and one of our best times, and we’ve had many.

The next few days I just want to take it easy.  Not much 
running around. Although we did manage to go out to our 
favorite hangout downtown🙈  I just want to get better because
 come next week we will be having more family visiting 🥰
 and I want to feel good so that I can also have a good time.

It’s back to being warm again 😎. No more cold
 spells🙏 means today for the first time in weeks Arvid
 and I can dine outdoors.  Always a good time.

Sniff still hops on to his heating bed, preparing for
 Super Bowl LVIII, but I have the heat on very low for him.  
He prefers to bask in the sunshine when there is sunshine.

Wishing you all a very happy day.  For those who
 love their football, may your favorite team win.  I am
 going for the Chiefs.  I could care less for football,
 but an exception to Super Bowl halftime.

I never want to stop making memories
 with you it's my favorite thing to do...