Feb 7, 2024

Wednesday February 7th~

 Wherever you go, no matter what the 
weather, always bring your own sunshine...
Both Arvid and I finally gave in yesterday 
and once again turned on the heat.  I was wearing 
2 sweaters, heavy socks and the jacket I wore during 
winters in Branson.  I still did not get warm, but now 
with the heat it sure feels nice and toasty.  Sa you can
 see Sniff is already laying on his nice toasty towels.

Sniff know where to find his sunshine throughout the day. 
 Mid afternoon he comes into my office aka his room as well. 
 The sun is right on his condo and he just basks in it.

I have learnt that Life is not about the walk that we 
have taken but the company, the experiences we have gathered.
 I have learnt that in each and every unknown path of our
 journey we get to know more of our own selves...