Feb 5, 2024

Monday February 5th ~

Every day brings you a chance to draw in 
a breath, kick off your shoes and dance...

And so begins another week with our unpredictable
 Florida weather.  Welcome to Florida.  Where an umbrella
 and sunglasses are necessary at the same time.  Love it!

A new week begins, and before we know it, it will soon 
be over.  2024 is moving along way too fast.  Soon mom
 and dad will be on their way home.  Truth is they are
 ready to go home.  There is no place like home.

 The couple driving this McLaren had just the right attitude. 
Just the right sass for someone in their mid 20's.  Everyone 
walking into the parking lot did stop to admire and take
 a few pictures.  I of course did exactly the same.

One of the most watched series on Netflix right now is 
probably Griselda.  Like many Arvid and I watch it as well.  We
 are a little "late" watching.  Most have already seen all six episodes.  
We watch one a night to fill in before our regular ones come on.  

 February is the month of love.  February is also my sister 
Rima's birthday.  Her husband has already "surprised" her with 
a New Orleans getaway for next week.  She's happy.  Arvid
 and I enjoyed the times we've been there.  Party! Party!

Wishing everyone a productive and a happy week.
Sniff enjoying his heated bed and his friends company.

Don't wait for good things to happen to you. If you go
 out and make some good things happen, you will fill the 
world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope...