Feb 13, 2024

Tuesday February 13th ~

 A great relationship is about two things.  
First, appreciating the similarities, and 
second, respecting the differences...

The wait is soon over for all Bob Marley fans I know our
nephew Gabby will be one of the first to see the movie.

We will be having more company soon.  This time 
Arvid's side of the family will be coming.  Looking 
 forward to seeing Victoria and Michael next week.

We always have a good time no matter what.  Strange 
as it is, she and I are quite similar. VM are one of the kindest
 people you will ever meet, and that she got all by herself.

  Life taught her that.  I care very much for her, and below is
 one of my favorite pictures taken quite some years ago in 
Fort Lauderdale.  Arvid and I had a boat at the time.  

We will meet them next week at Kaluz.  Usually our first
 meeting is lunch at the mall, but I told Arvid I think she and 
I would prefer Kaluz.  Arvid now believes it was his idea 😂

Kaluz is a restaurant on the water in Fort Lauderdale.
  Beautiful views of boats passing by.  There was a time we 
lived walking distance from Kaluz.  Now I am missing it.

A little trip to Fort Lauderdale means I get to go to the 
Swap Shop and get all my favorite fruits.  Happy for that too.
  I have most here in Fort Myers, but the coconut selection
 is better at the Swap Shop.  I plan to stock up on it.

It's quiet here.  Soccer is still on.  Sniff and Arvid 
watch together, occasionally fall into a little sleep, but they 
are entertained.  Many a days at that time I would be over 
by my parents.  I am missing them.  My mom a lot.

A good day to all.  Another beautiful day awaits us.

Always keep good company. Never waste an hour with
 anyone who doesn't lift you up and encourage you...