Feb 8, 2024

Thursday February 8th-

Our world isn't made of earth, air and water
 or even molecules and atoms; our world is
 made of moments in time.  Moments 'in time'
 are the real heartbeat of all living things...

 Mom and dad were over by us for dinner. I am already feeling 
sad because they will soon be leaving, but I am so grateful to have
 been able to see them again in Florida. Like I said before, I’m not
 sure they will be coming back next year.  I can always hope. 

 Mom and dad would like to go to Puerto Rico one more time. That 
will be their priority right now and I hope they get to go.  They do not
 like traveling by plane, but that’s the only way to get to Puerto Rico 

I have not been feeling my best. My self diagnosis is either 
bronchitis or pneumonia.  Hesitant to go to the doctor. Hoping it
 will soon be better.  Last night I had to sleep in the office because 
I could not stop coughing.  Life!  Expect the unexpected

Today Arvid and I are invited to a social gathering,
 not sure I will be going.  I still don’t feel good; coughing all
 night long among 70+ people does not seem like the best 
thing to do.  Avid was his usual sympathetic self saying, 
"best if you stayed home and rest.  You don't want
 to bark all night long."  So supportive 😂

We had a good time with my mom a dad.  I even gave my mom
 a few of my comfort hats.  Now all my sisters and my mom own
 at least 1-2 comfort hats.  If they will use it, that's to be seen.

The internet can be cruel and funny at the same time.  You decide. 
 Some take it personally, I take it for what it is, a good laugh.

Here at home, Sniff never lacks love and attention.  

Treat your life like you only have one 
moment to live, so make it count...