Jun 5, 2019

A Day In The City ~

One's destination is never a place, 
but a new way of seeing things...

A day in Chicago.  Beautiful sights. No matter where
you go in the city, Trump Tower stands out.  That helicopter
flew right by our balcony.  They land on a building across from us.

Boats and the blue waters of the Lake Michigan.

Flowers in bloom, and a favorite shop of mine in sight.

The view from our balcony.  Pretty good one.

Sniff received a toy in the mail from my sister Rima. 
At first he was hesitant to play with it, but then Arvid started
 playing with the toy and Sniff follow suit.  At the end Arvid said,
 "seems like I like playing with it more than Sniff."

Have to say Arvid did play with it for a few minutes.
  Sniff did most of the watching. Too funny.

It's a beautiful day here today.  No rain and warmer.
 Perfect for an afternoon walk to the lake. Wishing
everyone a good day.  Happy Wednesday all.

I am fascinated by beautiful scenery and what 
we have here on this Earth.Some beautiful paths
 can't be discovered without getting lost...