Jun 6, 2019

Market Day ~

Be happy with what you have while working for what you want...

Our morning began with a walk to the market. 
Lots of stuff, but mainly to buy bread for Arvid.  He does
 not eat the bread from the grocery store, says it has no 
consistency.  In Florida we get if from Whole Foods, 
here in Chicago from the fresh market.

Arvid stocked up on bread just in case, as he likes to say. 
 Me I got some honey, and some fresh vegetables and fruit.
  I also got tons of pictures.  Yes, the day started out good.

The market even sells sandwiches and all sorts of healthy drinks.  
Many people take their lunch break there. It's got a pretty 
fountain in the center and tables to sit and have lunch.  
Plus you're in the center of everything going on.

The day is cloudy with fog hanging over the city,  
on the positive side, not so cold.  Actually we were pretty
 warm as we walked to the market.  Chicago is beautiful.  
Everywhere you turn, there is something going on.

 My niece Lilly Vade, 11 years old just had a promotion 
ceremony.  She is now done with 5th grade and will soon be
 in middle school.  Little one is growing up way too fast.

Happy Thursday all.  Think positive
 and positive things will happen.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world. 
Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive good
 things and good people will be drawn to you...