Jun 11, 2019

Tuesday ~

May your day be filled with good thoughts, 
kind people, and happy moments..

Max and Danielle are in Rome and so far I have not 
seen a single picture of their vacation. I mention this
 because I have been asking for a picture since they left 
and all I get is, “we have not taken many so far.” 

 I know they have, but they do not like to post anything. 
They do not post anything so hopefully today I will
 get one or will have to wait until Nina my sister 
sends me one, and that can be a long wait.

Yesterday we Skyped for almost one hour with 
Michelle and our granddaughters. They were in
 the bathtub and having the time of their lives. 

As it goes with sisters/siblings these 2 little girls also 
have a special bond.  We hope it will always be this way. 

In less than a month we will be seeing them in Norway. 
 Can’t wait to hold them, hug them and enjoy them for
 the time we are there.  We are fortunate and
 grateful for having them in our lives.

The day promises to be warmer than what we have 
had so far.   Looking forward to a walk along the 
lake and to feeding the duckies, who by
 the way we can see from our balcony.

The city is setting up for some new activities. Little
 colorful tents are going up everywhere.  We see just 
about everything worth seeing from our balcony. What
 we don't see from the balcony, we see on our walks.

Though I still have the cough and shortness of breath,
  I started going to the gym yesterday. Combined 
with our daily walks I think we’re doing OK.

Sniff is getting more and more used to city life.
The other night when he heard the fireworks all he 
did was raise his head, twitches his nose and then 
went right back to sleep between Arvid's legs. 

 Sniff had visitors as well.  His first pet sitters, 
Ana and her mom Queta came to visit him. They love him,
 and though they go to Spain the same time we go to Norway, 
they made us promise that if we need a pet sitter
 after that they would love to watch him.

  Of course I love them as well.  Sniff remembered them. 
 He just went up to them like he does with everyone 
and allowed them to pet him. Queta said she has 
Sniffs pictures on her refrigerator.  We always
 knew they were the right ones for Sniff.

Today Arvid's mom turns 91.  Happy birthday Molly.
  She lives and does everything on her own. Very self
 sufficient and sharp she is.  Her goal is to get to
 a 100. We don’t doubt it. Here's to many more.

Hope your week is going great so far.  Ours is 
promising and we try to stay busy.  Needless to stay 
no matter where Arvid goes he’s always busy.
Right now he and Sniff are still asleep.

Good morning all.  Still chilly here, but expecting a little
 warm up during the day.  Beautiful weather for walking.

Every morning start a new page in your story. 
 Make it a beautiful one.  Be thankful for today, 
because in one moment your life can change...