Jun 7, 2019

Start Of The Blues Festival In Chicago ~

People all over the world have problems. And as long
 as people have problems, the blues can never die...

Today begins the Chicago Blues Festival.  Three days
 of all the blues music and some.  To say Arvid is a happy 
man will be an understatement.  The Festival has been
 moved from Grant Park to Millennium Park in 2017.

Both locations are within walking distance to us, 
so the move does not really matter.  Both locations
 have excellent views, love it.  Great for pictures

Hopefully, the weather will get warmer. 
 Right now it is still foggy and and chilly.

On another note, we finally have a pet sitter for Sniff.  
We interviewed 3 candidates and settled on the one 
we thought was the best fit. As we interviewed
 one of the candidates,  she never shut up.  

The first thing she said to me was, "can I have a 
couple of this food for my cats?"  OK.  I gave her a few.  
Then she said to me, "I'm out of town next week, can  
you pet sit my 2 cats for a few days?"  I said yes. 

 Then she said "come with me to my apartment.  I want you
 to meet the kitties and I also want you to have my key."  I went.

She then started talking as if she were already the
pet sitter.  When I told her the dates we will be gone she said to
 me, "cool, but would you mind if I slept in your apartment?  
I will have company that week."  Then I started to worry. 

Hello Friday.  We are ready for you.

We're all given the same number in a day. 
 Some people just use them better...