Jun 10, 2019

A New Week Begins ~

Start each day with a grateful heart...

Yesterday started out foggy and it never cleared up. 
 It was a gloomy and wet day, but it did not top Arvid
 from going to the last day of the blues festival.  I chose to 
not go. I still don't feel 100% and did not wish to get worse.

Instead I went to Macy’s.  Macy’s in Chicago is huge. 
It is recognized as a National Historic Landmark and listed 
on the National Register of Historic Places, Macy's 
State Street is a Macy's flagship destination. 

 Towering granite columns front the 9-story structure,
 flanking its gracious main entrance, and two massive 
Great Clocks punctuate the corners of the store
 on Randolph and Washington Streets.

Visitors to Macy’s often meet at the Great Clocks, 
located at the corners of the building. The first clock was
 installed in 1897, at the corner of State and Washington.

The Chicago Tribune went on to report that Chicago 
women in Chicago were telling others to “meet 
me under the clock at Marshall Field’s!”

Another captivating architectural element in the
 store is the Burnham Fountain, also known as the
 “Lost Fountain.” It’s made of 6 tons of cast 
iron and holds 700 gallons of water.

This morning the fog has cleared up.  It promises to be
 a good day and it's the start of another great week here in the
 Windy City.  Life is good and we make the best of it always.

Hello new week.  Bring it on.

Mondays are good for new
 beginnings and fresh starts...