Jun 8, 2019

More Music ~

The blues tells a story in itself. It can make 
you happy or give you a feeling to swing...

Day two of the Blues Festival.  The fog is no longer hanging
 over the city, and though it was on the cold side yesterday
 it sure did not stop anyone.  The crowd is huge and having
a great time.  The "chill" does not stop this crowd.

Yesterday started off cold and windy.  In the middle 
of the day if you were in the sun it was nice and warm,
 but as soon as the sun disappeared a dramatic change
 happened.  A few left also, but the majority stayed.

Some started out without much clothing, but as 
the day progressed everyone started to bundle up. 
 I was cold.  I who like the cold did not enjoy sitting 
with the wind blowing on me.  If we were moving rather
 than sitting maybe it would have been a little better. 

  The wind picked up and it was cold.  So cold that
 I left an hour earlier than Arvid.  I am still not feeling 
100% and sure did not wish to get any worse.

With a diverse lineup celebrating the blues’ past, 
present and future, the Chicago Blues Festival shares
 the great Chicago-born music tradition with the world
 while shining a spotlight on the genre’s contributions to
 soul, R&B, gospel, rock, hip-hop and more. 

Yesterday the first artist on our list did not start until 3pm.  
We took the time to go out and have a nice lunch.  One
 of our favorite places is called Park Grill.  It's kind of
 anchored to The Bean.  It's beautiful and at that time the 
sun was out.  We enjoyed the opportunity to have lunch
 with a view, and listen to the music at the same time.

Music is the universal language of mankind.
Where words fail, music speaks....