Jun 25, 2019

Back In Branson ~

Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy...

One of my tenants said to me, "welcome back home."
  In a strange way it feels like I came home.  Everything
is so very familiar and yet it's not the same anymore. 
 For those 2 years it was home I was happy.  

Now Fort Lauderdale is home and I love it there.  
But for the next few days I will be making the most of 
my time here in Branson, surrounded by some of the
 nicest people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Branson is not for everyone, but it sure made me 
happy while we were there.  I will always be grateful 
and thankful for everything we experienced there.  

For the people/friends we met and made and for the
 memories that can never be forgotten.  Because of Branson 
and the people, I know today I am an even better person 
than before.  I see life in a very different way.

Life is good and I am grateful that it took us to Branson.

Happy day everyone.  Be happy with what you have.
Be excited about what you want.

Whoever is happy will make other happy...