Jun 23, 2019

Start Of The New Week ~

When life gives you Monday, 
dip it in glitter and sparkle all day...

New week again, and when you wake up to cuteness 
like this, you know the week will be a good one.  
Yesterdays nice weather did not last too long. 

 One minute we were out on the balcony, 
and before you knew it the temperature dropped
 and the rain began. Chicago for you.

As always when we have to go somewhere, 
there is to take care of.  In my case I need to make sure
 everything is perfect for Sniff and to make sure to leave
 detained instructions to his pet sitter Katrina.

Katrina is from Ireland, but lived in Massachusetts
 and for the last several years home is Chicago.

Sniff has been getting deliveries 
for the last 2 weeks from all different pet
 stores.  My favorite is Chewy of course, but 
because they did not have his litter 
we had to order it from Petco.  

First and last time doing that.  The litter was all opened
and his bag of dry food was also opened.  Not again

  I believe he now has enough food and litter to last him
 the entire summer if not more, but I always have
 to make sure he's set before we leave.

Wishing everyone a very productive start of the new week.

Monday is a fresh start.  It is never too late to
 dig in and  begin a new journey of success...