Jun 29, 2019

The Wedding~

A strong marriage requires two people who 
choose to love each other even on those days 
when they struggle to like each other...

The big day is here.  Tiffany and Chris' wedding.
Arvid is the best man and I am the maid of honor.  

Tiffany and Chris have been together over 20 years.
  The thought of marriage was not that keen to them, but
 then they became the owners of Almost Home 
and marriage was what she wanted.

Arvid and I are honored that they chose us to be part
 of their wedding plans.  For their wedding we have gotten
 then a room at Chateau on The Lake.  The views are
 stunning and it's one of our favorite places in Branson.

The wedding is not going to be too big. 
 Just a few family  members and us.

The weather here is much warmer than in Chicago.  
Arvid is back in his shorts, and for these few days
 we have not had to wear heavy jackets.

I have been having a really good time.  Arvid is
 busy running around.  Doing his stuff as always.  
No matter where we go, Arvid always has so
 much going on.  Keeps us busy and happy.

Wishing everyone a great day.  Can't wait to see how
 the day folds out and see what a southern wedding is all
 about.  Tiffany and Chris after all are from Louisiana.

A happy man marries the woman he loves,
a happier man loves the woman he married...