Jun 22, 2019

Saturday In Chicago ~

At the end of the day all that matters is love 
and memories, so make sure that you give 
it and make sure that you make them...

No matter where you go in this city one thing is sure.  VIEWS!

From our apartment the view is quite beautiful.  
Today Arvid felt the need to wash the inside of the windows.
  Always needing to stay busy.  Just like me.

When the weather is beautiful, all I have to do is step out 
onto the balcony and enjoy the view as I have my coffee.  

Even on foggy days, there is beauty all around you.

I always find something to smile about.  Because life is good.

Our walks never disappoint.  There is always something to see and do.

My favorite views are the ones from our balcony.  As pictured above.

Though the weather has not been perfect, the scenery always is.

 Tonight Arvid and I go to Buddy Guy's Legends
 in hopes that the Rolling Stones make an appearance.  
The Rolling Stones had their first concert of their No
 Filter Tour last night here in Chicago.  The stadium,
 Soldier Field is in clear sight from our apartment.

Happy Saturday all.  Here in the city it is a beautiful day.

Our pictures are our footprints...