Jun 9, 2019

Pictures From The Chicago Blues Festival ~

Sometimes life gives us a cold and rainy day.
So wear cute boots and remember to play...

Last day of the festival, and the weather is gloomy.

Weddings, QuinceaƱera, proms, and more all happening
in the middle of the festival.  The Bean is where everyone wants
to be and to have their pictures taken on their special day.

From every angle of the Bean the picture is different.  
When you step under the Bean it seems as if there is
 a face looking at you.  Very unique and interesting.  A
 must to see when visiting Chicago. Always packed.

Taken last night from our balcony.  That's where the
 last act takes place every night at the festival.  It was too 
cold, so I came home again, but did not miss much
 because I saw it and heard it from the balcony.

So far the day is still gloomy.  Sniff does not want to get out of bed.

Happy Sunday all.  If you were in Chicago right
 now, you'd never believe it's almost summer.

They call it the premier blues festival in the 
country, because it's really where the blues began.  
It's almost like going to church.  It's holy ground...