Jun 15, 2019

Making Memories ~

It takes a moment to make memories
 and a lifetime to forget them... 

Rima came in with a bang.  She laughs like no one I know. 
 Contagious and makes for good times and happy memories.
Coffee time just got better and afternoon tea as well.

Since she does not have many days with us, we wanted 
to make sure we show her as many places as possible.  
Yesterday we were out for over 8 hours and we
 walked everywhere.  We had a good workout.

We started our very early because the day was beautiful. 
 First stop was Navy Pier.  We walked forever, and then 
in between we quenched our thirst.  Unfortunately, both
 Rima and I have the cough and we're really not 100%

Rima surprised us by taking us to a very good steakhouse.
  It so happens that this is the same steakhouse Arvid's
 brother wanted to go to a few years ago when here.

Arvid's brother knows about food, and this was the one
 he really wanted to go to, and it so happens that Rima 
took us there.  I am fortunate, my family is something else. 
 Rima said a late birthday present for both Arvid and I.

The food was excellent, the weather was perfect and 
we had a table on the outside.  People watching galore. 
 This is the same area we saw Bono some years ago.

After that we decided to tour the city some more.  
We took her walking along The Magnificent Mile. 
 Beautiful stores and everything you can want, all in the 
same area.  The weather could not have been better.

Arvid says Rima is easy going and not difficult to be with.
  She's simple and not pretentious.  She does not need
 to impress anyone and we like that.  Simple.

We toured the city until we were about to drop.  
I got an asthma attack and at that point we thought it was
 best to come home.  But in one day she has seen quite a bit. 
 Tomorrow is another day with lots more to do.

I'm happy she's here.  Staying with us.  She really
 needed a little vacation away from everything, 
and we are happy she chose to spend it with us.

Wishing everyone a happy Saturday.  Rain
 or shine we have plans and things to do.

Live for moments you can't put into words...