Jun 20, 2019

Thursday In Chicago ~

You know what the say about Chicago, if you
 don't like the weather then wait fifteen minutes...

Chicago life.  Even in the cold and foggy days 
you still have to get out and walk around.  In the 
evenings warm up in the hot tub.  Best part.

The fog concentrates close to where we are, close to 
the lake.  As you get a little more into the city it sorts of
 disperses a little.  It's also a little less chilly in the city 
than where we are.  Every little bit helps when 
walking is your main form of transportation.

Above is what it looks like as we step out 
of our building and head out for our daily walk.

We make the best of the weather here.  What's the 
alternative?  For me having my OJ in the mornings in a
 pretty glass makes up for some of it.  It's cold and windy on
 the balcony, but every so often the wind dies down.

Wishing everyone a great day.  Our day is not on the 
sunny side (yet again).  Later today it's the hot tub
 again.  Need to warm up these Floridian bones.

Life is like Chicago weather, you never know 
what you're gunna get. Dear Mother Nature, get back 
on your meds, pop open a bottle of wine, and 
start thinking warm, happy thoughts...