Jun 3, 2019

Our Week Begins In Chicago ~

When you love what yo have,
 you have everything you need...

We arrived in Chicago to pretty colder temperatures.
  Saturday was gloomy, grey and it rained quite a bit.  
There was also thunder.  For Sniff all of this 
was just a little too much to handle.

Sniff was very good in the plane.  He made a few
 sounds, more like howls, but overall he was quiet,
 and calm.  Arvid said, “ he’s even more quiet 
than Brutus was” and Brutus was good.

We got to the apartment and the first thing was to 
set up his litter pan.  In less than an hour Sniff did his
 business.  I remember Brutus used to not go to his litter 
for over 12 hours. Sometimes longer.  Sniff also ate, but he 
needed some petting and coaxing from Arvid.  Then he ate.

Sniff has not found his “spot” as yet, but he sure did 
sit between Arvid's legs like he always has.  
If Sniff is happy then I will be as well.

Yesterday we set up his condo. Right now  it’s his
 favorite spot.  He manages to sleep in it without being
 jumpy.  The first night he slept on the bed with us.  

We arrived to no internet once again.  Hopefully 
today that will be fixed.  AT&T  is sending a technician out.  
Also today I meet a potential pet sitter for Sniff.
  Best of. All she lives in the same building.

Yesterday we spent the better part of the day
 (warm part)  at Navy Pier.  Chicago is beautiful. 
 No doubt about it.  I loved the walk.  We had a
 good meal and we sure had an excellent view.

The water in Lake Michigan is a pretty shade 
of blue.  Makes for great views always.  At home,
 we are still figuring out where to put things
 and how to make the most of the space.

Mornings are beautiful and the sunsets also.  
Not sure which is more stunning.  I do like 
Chicago and it does feel good to be back.

As the new week begins, I just want Sniff to get 
more and more comfy with his surroundings. 
 I still have the cough, but it’s getting better.  

Life is good and for that I am grateful. 
Wishing everyone a happy Monday and a great
 work week.  Let's make it an amazing one.

Making mistakes is better than faking perfections.
You don't always need a plan, sometimes you just
 need to breathe, let go, and see what happens...