Jun 13, 2019

Wet and Cold Thursday ~

Whatever is good for your soul, do that. Always 
believe that something wonderful is about to happen...

It's laundry day here for us.  Unfortunately, we do 
not have a washer and dryer in our apartment.  Some
 owners do, now they were grandfathered in.  Unfortunately 
this is not one of the units grandfathered in.  No big deal. 

 We go down to the 2nd floor, there I can do all my 5
loads of laundry at one time.  There are numerous machines
 and dryers.  Better than any commercial laundromat I have
 ever seen.  Makes the chore much easier and faster.

Yesterday was a pretty ugly day.  It was gloomy, cold, 
windy and wet.  We were not able to go for our daily walk, 
but we did manage to do a few fun things in between the rain.
 Sniff was happy to have us around most of the day.  Hopefully 
today will be better.  Cold, but at least no rain.  We hope.

Well the day is not looking so good as of this minute.
 It's raining and its cold.  same as yesterday, but
more rain and colder. One can always hope it will
 warm up a little more.  Miracles do happen.

This has definitely been one very strange start of summer
 in Chicago.  Everyone keeps saying that it will be
 a "mild" meaning colder summer.  That's
OK as long as it does not rain everyday.

Weekend is everyday for us, but I still like to believe our 
weekend begins on Friday.  Sometimes on a Thursday as well.  
Who knows what the day holds.  Whatever it is I'm HAPPY!

Sometimes life just calls for an umbrella.
  I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face 
and the wind just blowing through my hair...