Jun 4, 2019

Rainy Day In The Windy City ~

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.
Celebrate the rain.  It only means the sun 
shall shine bigger and brighter than ever...

The next few days will be like this.  It's almost noon 
here and the rain is intensifying.  On the bright side it is 
a little warmer than the last few days.  Here in Chicago, 
you can't let the rain stop you from doing what needs 
to be done, otherwise you may not get much done.

We needed to go to The Farmers Market for some stuff,
 but mainly for Arvid's bread.  His bread is not always easy
 to find.  Sells out very fast so yes, we went in the rain.  

Even though we were early, all the bread was sold out.
  Our next window of opportunity is Thursday.

I never would have thought I would see Arvid
venturing out in rain, but when my sister Nirvana and
 her kids were in Fort Lauderdale, we went on the boat
 in pouring rain, now here in Chicago we went to
the market in the rain as well.  He has changed.

The day is still young.  Hopefully in a few hours the
 rain will stop, and who knows?  We have lots of exploring
 to do.  Wishing you all a sunny warm day.

The only person you should strive to be
 better than is the person you were yesterday...