Jul 13, 2019

Another Day Begins ~

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts...

Yesterday morning we went for a little walk around our area.
Beautiful scenery and perfect weather.  Now I can go home.

There is only so much nature I can handle.  I have 
seen enough.  It's beautiful, now I am ready to go home.

Arvid and I went for a little trip to Lovoyea.  
He had a few cold ones and I had a few cafe lattes.  
There is not much more to do.  Here everyone 
sits for hours on end in the sun.  I do not 
like the sun so am always seeing shade.

The day was saved by Michelle and Emil. 
 We went to dinner at an Indian restaurant.  Everyone
 left feeling full, happy and I sure was in a better mood. 
 Arvid was not that crazy about the food, but at
 the same time he did not hate it either.

A new day begins.  Meaning one day closer to 
being home with Sniff.  Yes, I am counting the days
 until we are home with Sniff, but in the meantime,
 I look forward to enjoying what this day holds.

Every morning starts a new page in your
 story. Make it a great one today...