Jul 14, 2019


Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive...

Yesterday was a good day for pub hopping in Horten.

A few here and a few there before we knew it the day was almost over.

Both locations had music, but we happened to
 come late to the one that had The Blues.  But what we did 
hear, was pretty good. Arvid even bonded with the band. 
 Encouraged them to come and play at his brothers club.

Here in Norway you cannot drink and drive.  Not even 
one beer, but there are always ways to get around that.
  Since I was the designated driver, let's just say one 
was more than enough and by the time we were ready 
to leave I was in great shape behind the wheels.

The weather was perfect.  Maybe too chilly for Arvid, 
but I loved the cool, crisp air.  This year in Norway
 I am really loving this weather.  It's perfect.

It's Sunday.  This time next week we will be heading
 home, for now we plan to spend the day making memories 
and having a good time.  After all life is to be lived.

I always do what makes me happy - it doesn't
 make sense to live life unhappily.  I'll look back at this
 and smile because it was life and I decided to live it...