Jul 16, 2019

Another Day In Horten ~

Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding
 you tight when you are at your worst...

Yesterday was cold and windy. Similar to most 
of the days we have had so far in Norway. Good thing
 is that I do enjoy it very much. Loving this cold 
Norwegian summer. Feels so good.

Arvid's mom wanted to go for a drive and 
visit her sisters grave site among other things.
It's always good to have something to fill up our 
time. have something to fill up our time.   

As we were giving her the “tour” of some of her
 familiar spots in Horten, Arvid drove by his old 
stomping grounds of when he was just a little boy.

There he met a friend of his. They were little boys playing
 soccer together some 45 plus years.  Arvid recognizes 
the man right away.  The man's name was also Arvid.

They got to talking and I’m sure they caught up 
on each others life in those brief short 15 minutes.

The sun was shining and the day was looking good.  
Arvid mom who is 91 is very sharp, but she has
 forgotten quite a few thing in the neighborhood.  

Arvid reacquainted her with some of the facts.  When 
we’re in the car together only Norwegian is spoken. 
 I don’t mind anymore. I tune everything out and look
 around. Take some pictures and enjoy the sights.
  Also, it’s only a few more days so then it’s all better.

Norway is  a beautiful country but the Norway I am
 seeing is NOT the Norway most people coming 
to this country sees. The Norway I picture
 in my mind is stunning.  Hope to see some 
more of it one day.  One can hope.

The Norway is see is Horten, and whenever
 I get the chance to catch a glimpse of 
anything outside of Horten I am happy.

Happy that we have the girls, Michelle, Emil, Victoria 
and Michael in the picture. They make it worth coming. 
 And of course Arvids mom, his brother and friends.

My heart is already at home!  I miss my little Sniff 
so much and I miss home.  Good food. Familiar 
surroundings. Waking up in our own bed 
and and some.  I'm all ready to go home.

Life, if well lived is enough...