Jul 10, 2019


The opposite of happiness is not sadness.  It's boredom...

Usually when we come to Norway by day two
 I am ready to go home.  This year has been different. 
 I lasted all the way to day 6.  Now I am ready to go
 home.  I told Arvid that I have reached my limit
 and he said to me, "I have exceeded my limit."

I want to be where Sniff is.  That is home and I 
want to go home already.  I miss my little 
boy too much and I miss everything USA.

Yes we are having a good time with family and
 enjoying some of our favorite foods, that's not the issue.
We are enjoying the girls and more, but there are still 
so many hours left in the day that needs to be filled.  

There is nothing to do here.  It does not get dark until
 midnight.  Making the days EXTRA EXTRA LONGGGGG.

Another day is here, but at least today we will spend
 time with the girls.  They keep us busy and make 
time pass fast.   We love the little ones.  They make
each day we spend with them much better.

I enjoy spending time with everyone, but I wish there was more 
to do in Horten.  I an completely bored out of my mind. 

The two enemies of human 
happiness are pain and boredom...