Jul 12, 2019

Happy Day ~

Time spent with family is worth every second...

Yesterday was one of those days that makes you happy. 
 We went to Victoria and Michael's for dinner. As always 
this is one of my favorite times in Norway.  I do have
 a few favorites, and going to them is one of them.

When it comes to presentation, no one does it like Victoria. 
 You walk into their home and you are greeted with a
 beautiful table setting be it indoors or outdoor, 
it is always well thought out, and you can 
tell she put a lot of time into it. 

 Always perfect, and I love looking at it.  For me it's 
a special treat to just see it and of course take pictures.
 Of course we then eat, and the food is always delicious. 
 They also go out of their way to get special seafood 
for us.  They put time and thought in all of it.

At their home everyone always have a good time. 
 Aleah and Vanessa love it there because of the beautiful
 pool, the pond with fishes and of course because
 auntie Victoria and uncle Michael always have 
lots of goodies for them and love them to pieces.

Yesterday made everything seem so much better.
Today is a new day, and of course I am missing 
our Sniff.  Even more so after seeing Loffen.  
Sniff is doing good, but he also misses us.

It's Saturday July 12th. In 10 days we will be home with Sniff.

The only secret behind a good day is a good attitude...