Jul 17, 2019

Tønsberg ~

The most important thing is to
 enjoy life.  It's all that matters...

Yesterday's highlight was meeting with Victoria
 and Michael for lunch.  We had Thai food.  Was delicious 
and I won't mind doing it again and again.  So Arvid 
was not crazy about it, but then what's new.
Lunch was in  Tønsberg A beautiful spot.

It was relaxing and it was so pleasant to just sit
 down  and have a little conversation as we ate.  
I would have liked it to last longer, but unfortunately
 we had to get back to Horten and take care of a
little errand we promised Arvi'd mom.

That worked out well also because we got to spend
 some more time with her.  She will miss Arvid's 
daily visits when we leave and for that I am sad.  It is 
not pleasant to spend day after day all by yourself.  She
 is 91 after all and having company at his age 
is sure something she looks forward to.

After yesterday, I am in a better frame of mind.  
Today we help Molly with a fridge installation.
  Something to do.  Keeps us busy and happy. 
 Wednesday already.  Happy day all.

Be happy.  Not because everything is good, but
 because you can see the good side of everything...