Jul 19, 2019

Last Day In Norway ~

No matter what happens, some 
memories can never be replaced...

I could not leave without getting a few pictures of the sunset.
This was just the other night.  Here the sun sets closer to 10pm (22:00)

No matter where in the world you are, sunsets are stunning. 
 Here n Horten, it's no exception.  Bright orange skies to die for.

After all is said and done, it has been a memorable summer.
Good times with everyone and memories made that will
always and forever remain special to me.  Always good to 
see everyone, but now it's good to finally be going home.

Thank you all for the memories and all the good time we had.
My best memories are the ones we make together.

To all a great day.  Live for moments you can't put into words.
Our last day in Norway, and it's raining.  Rain is not always bad.

Good times come and go, 
but memories will lat forever...